How Long Do Veneers Last?

Veneers are a popular choice among people who want to quickly change the look of their smile. These thin tooth coverings are long-lasting, function beautifully, and can fix broken, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth in just a couple of appointments. They’re minimally invasive and the process of placing them on the teeth is typically painless.…

dentist explains what is conscious sedation dentistry like

What is Conscious Dental Sedation?

Do you feel anxious about getting dental treatment? If you do, don’t worry. That’s normal. Dental clinics provide sedation dentistry services to help ease your anxiety. One of the services most clinics offer is conscious dental sedation. So the question many people as is, ‘what is conscious dental sedation like?’ You are likely asking this…

dentist explains costs around sedation dentistry

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

To help a patient relax during treatment, dentists commonly offer sedation dentistry services. This procedure dramatically helps in dealing with debilitating dental fear. One thing that is likely on your mind is the question, “how much does sedation dentistry cost? What is Sedation Dentistry, and How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost? Sedation dentistry refers to…

patient feels dental anxiety

What is Dental Anxiety?

Dentists offer sedation dentistry services to help patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia. But what is dental anxiety? How does dental sedation help you deal with nervousness each time you visit a dentist? Dental anxiety refers to the stress, fear, or panic a person feels when in a dental setting. Some people feel anxious…

dental explains dental sedation for kids

Is Dental Sedation Safe For Kids?

It is sometimes common to sedate a child for dental treatment if they feel anxious or scared. Dentists usually offer sedation dentistry services to patients, including children, to help in these situations. But is dental sedation safe for kids? If your child is still very young, nervous, or has to go under a lengthy dental…

dentist prepares for sedation dentistry

What Drugs Are Used For Dental Sedation?

In sedation dentistry services, dentists have several medications available to help a patient relax. If you ask, “what drugs are used for sedation dentistry?” The answer depends on what the drugs are being used for, whether they are to help a patient relax, put them in a deep sleep-like state or to control pain. Determining…