Most mental health experts agree that a holistic approach to healing is dependent on the entire person approach. But one misnomer that people often look over is a persons oral health. When you smile it the number one sign of happiness, but being insecure, or even embarrassed by your smile can have severe consequences on your daily life and sometimes just seeing a dental specialist in Texas can completely change your outlook and self confidence.

How The Health of Your Smile Affects Mental Health

Poor or neglected oral health can severely damage a persons personal value and self confidence which has much more detrimental effects on mental health as a person may think. primarily it affects how an individual sees themselves and can inhibit a persons confidence and can even cause more serious implications such as depression, lack of self confidence and even anxiety. Take for example some one who has severe misaligned teeth or even may need corrective braces. Not being able to smile or even express yourself can really deter a persons self worth. But visiting a dentist and getting dental braces can give you a whole new perception of yourself.

How Oral Health Determines How We See Others

Often, bad teeth is associated with conditions such as gum disease, oral cavities, and mouth cancer tells us dentists about the effects of poor oral hygiene. However, bad teeth can also have an impact psychologically and the way we perceive others.

In a survey done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, it was revealed that 92% of respondents think that a pretty smile is a vital societal asset. 85% believe having a crooked smile isn’t attractive to the opposite sex. 75% judge a person’s success based on their ugly smiles and half of the reviewers deem bad teeth as a consequence of poor oral hygiene. Many of these systemic inherit feelings of oral hygiene have negative effects so taking the time and receiving specialty dental services no only will have a postitive impact on your smile, but your life and self image.

“After a handshake, a friendly smile is one of the most important elements in creating a good first impression. However it’s hard to smile if you’re self-conscious about teeth that are yellow or stained.” – School of Dental Medicine at the University of New York.